About Those Flat Tires

If you’ve ever been stuck beside the road with flat tire perhaps you have an interest in exploring the world puncture free tires. The fact is that for now the concept of a puncture free tire has been pretty much fantasy. Is that now going to change?

There are now available on the market actual solid rubber tires that are supposed to last for 6000 miles. Obviously a solid won’t get flat, but are they worth buying.

Wide Bike TireOne thing that many people don’t consider is that there tires are part of their suspension. The air inside the tire axis cushion whenever the bike hits a small bump. Perhaps you don’t realize how much this happens because every time you hit a large bump it rattles your teeth. The other thing to consider is that a solid tire is going to suffer a performance deficit compared to a pneumatic tire.

One thing to consider is the cost. A pair of solid tires might cost as much is three times the price of a set of standard tires. Another thing to consider is ease of application solid tires are more difficult to attach to a rim.

It turns out that the new generation of solid tires isn’t that much heavier than standard tires. This was always a concern in the past, as solid rubber is obviously heavier than air.

If you’re not willing to take the jump to a solid tire there are things you can do to make your standard tire puncture resistant. You can buy a heavier duty tube that is less likely to be penetrated by a sharp object. You can buy a thicker tire that is rated to be puncture resistant, you can buy a puncture band to go beween the tire and the tube.

As a last resort, you can try to carry a fix a flat product that might work well enough to get you where you are going and can easily replace the flat tube.

Alternately, you can carry a tire repair kit with you and become proficient at doing your own tire repair…